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Makeup Remover


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Upgrade formula dengan haruman lavender, selepas sembur di kapas, perlahan-perlahan bersihkan seluruh muka. Testur remover yang tidak berminyak, sejuk, muka rasa fresh selepas proses pembersihan. Water-based semi oil makeup removers Originally formulated to provide women with an alternative to cleansing with the harsh water without greasy at all.


-No fragrance

-Easy to absorb

-Moisturizing our skin

-Deep Clean




This makeup remover is incredibly light and clean. yet powerful enough to remove any stubborn waterproof makeup. I like it very much. I’ve tried before and found my skin very supple and clean. This would also be a great natural makeup remover formula to try if you have any allergies or sensitivities to chemicals or just sensitive skin in general.



📌 Organic olive oil

📌 Organic Almond oil

📌 Witch hazel

📌 Aqua

📌 Vegetable glycerin

📌 Pure Lavender Essential oil

📌 Liquid Germall plus

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