About us


Organichana was founded in 2014 by Mrs Siti Suhana Kamal Admi who is also beauty and cosmetics enthusiast and very passionate in home remedies skincare. Her husband as a creative oversee the ‘creative’ side of her business such as logo, web design, social media design etc. Mrs Suhana oversee the recipe and production of all the products, as well as marketing and financial admin. Organichana now on the verge of blooming we have to hire atleast 3 more admin, and we are planning to hire one more social media manager and one more crew for production. Apart from that we also have very active agent and stockist, not to mention drop shipper agents all over Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Mrs Suhana saw the market was flooded with many health and cosmetics products from local and overseas in late 2014. Being a cosmetic and beauty enthusiast as well, apart from happy, she is also curious when she saw the amount of chemicals were in the beauty products. Consumers of course unaware and lack of enforcement from the authorities make it worse. So that is how it started up, to bring safer beauty solutions to their market.

The idea came about when she was 18 years old. She had a second degree skin damage due to skin reaction from chemical skincare. By that time not money at all to refer the dermatologist, since then, she started doing a lot of research regarding natural homemade remedies skincare and applied it to herself first for over the years, amazingly they do wonders to her skin. She used everything organic and natural, which are what she is selling now, she think people have cared for their skin using natural ingredients for decades. There is no reason that people cannot do the same thing today. Homemade skincare products can help to nourish the skin in a natural and healthy way.

Since the products are handmade, Organichana just produced their product by small batch to ensure the quality of our products, most of our product made from Virgin Olive oil, Virgin coconut oil and Cocoa Butter. And importantly, our products are free from Parabens, Mercury, Alcohol, SLS’s, petrochemicals, synthetic colors which is why we know they will be kind. None of our products are tested on animals, and we promise that they never will. We wanted to create products that you could feel good and love about putting on your skin.


To provide our customers with the best quality of Natural & Organic products and aim to be a household name in Asia.

By the next 5 years, Organichana aims to be a household name. Just like Colgate do to toothpaste industry, we want when people think of organic products, they thought of Organichana. So strong that they have to mention our name even they think of other products. We aim to reach worldwide, as far now we already have local, Singapore and Brunei. Since we do not have any international distributors yet, our international buyer can buy directly from us.


1. Bring safer solution to beauty and cosmetics market.

2. Educate society about the benefits of our organic products.

3. Build strong and good relationship with customers, suppliers and workers.

Ana Admi
CEO / Founder

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Mohd Haikal
Marketing Director

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Public Relations

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Customer/Sales Support

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